Ürün Adı: FUSION Solo S

Marka:Vilber Lourmat

Broşür: Bro_Fusion Solo S

Modular And Upgradable

The Fusion Solo S is the ideal system for laboratories that need to find an alternative to their film for Western blot imaging.


  • Dedicated chemiluminescence system with extendable fluorescence capabilities
  • Optional epi or trans-illumination options for blot or gel
  • Interchangeable application pad for UV, blue, green or red fluorescence

Ideal For Quantification

  • Reproducible and comparable quantification data
  • ImageMaster™ technology to obtain the optimum image for quantification
  • Scientific TIFF file or proprietary file format
  • Clarity™ technology for razor sharp band revelation without affecting data integrity

Long Lasting Hight Quality

  • Stainless steel, aluminium and steel darkroom for the best robustness
  • Proven camera robustness
  • White light LED for thousands of hours of use
  • Interchangeable transilluminator

Unrivaled Performance

  • Better sensitivity than a film
  • Unique custom made V.084 lens performance for super-fast image acquisition
  • Reproducible and comparable quantification data
  • Best signal to noise ratio of the industry for the lowest limit of detection

Custom Made V.084 Lens

Fusion custom made lens for enhanced sensitivity and sharpness.


Time to get the image is drastically reduced and precious antibody can be saved.


One click to take the image for an unrivaled ease of use.

Optional Fluorescence Detection

Upgrade your system as you want from UV fluorescence to IR/NIR channels.