INFINITY Jel Görüntüleme Sistemi




Ürün AdıInfinity Jel Görüntüleme Sistemleri
MarkaVilber Lourmat

Broşür Infinity



Vilber markası, moleküler biyoloji görüntüleme alanında dünya lideridir ve 20.000'den fazla laboratuarda kullanılmaktadır. Yaklaşık 60.000 kişi hergün 100'den fazla ülkede Vilber ürünlerini kullanmaktadır. 

DNA, RNA ve Protein görüntüleme için en üstün özelliklere sahip sistemdir.
imaging systems represent the reference class of gel documentation. The high end 'scientific grade' camera with 16-bit pixel depth as well as 2,0 MP CCD sensor offers power reserves also for demanding applications. The compact darkroom is available in a large number of configurations. Super-Bright illumination and filter technology, LED epi and trans illumination as well as UV epi illumination or classical UV sources are available. Thus, a broad spectrum of DNA, RNA and protein fluorescence applications can be performed with this system. For comfortable preparative work, the integrated UV transilluminator is completely extendable.
The Application Master

  • 6 excitations channels options in the UV and the visible area
  • 10 narrow band filters available from 440 to 850nm
  • 40 fluorescence and chemiluminescence predefined imaging protocols at your fingertips

Unique Technologies

  • SuperResolution™ technology for ultimate megapixel resolution
  • 3D Dynamic Scan technologyIntuitive Apps Studio library
  • Clarity™ technology for razor sharp band revelation
  • Camera passive cooling for low light imaging
  • CFR21 Part 11 ready

Long Lasting Hight Quality

  • Built to last
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and steel darkroom for the best durability
  • Proven camera robustness
  • White light LED for thousands of hours of use
  • Ideal in a multi-users environment
  • Unrivaled Performance


  • Unparalleled 7.6 megapixels without compromising read noise, dynamic range, field of view and sensitivity
  • Excellent results in low light conditions
  • Very high level of details and more quantitative information
  • Reproducible and comparable quantification data

Example of Use

Gel documentation and nucleic acid fluorescence detection of agarose gels; fluorophores as Ethidiumbromid (EtBr), SYBR® Green, SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Safe, Vista Green, Midori Green, FAM™, Gel Star®, GelRed™, GelGreen™, RedSafe™, Safe-Red™
Protein fluorescence detection in SDS-PAGE gels with fluorophores as SYPRO Ruby™, DAPI™, Deep Purple™
Detection and documentation of protein gels stained with Coomassie Blue, Poisson, silver