Ürün Adı Bio-Print Jel Dökümantasyon Sistemi
Marka Vilber Lourmat

Broşür: Bro_Bio-Print


Performance At A Budget

The Bio-Print is the ideal system for laboratories that do not want to compromise performance with budget constraints.

The Ideal Gel-Doc

  • Add a white light conversion plate for colorimetric stained protein gels, X-ray film imaging, autorads, SSCP gels, colony dish and flask imaging
  • Add a blue light conversion plate for blue light DNA/RNA/ Protein fluorescence

Complete Software Solution

  • Free software for image editing and image analysis: molecular weight calculation, band quantification & distance calculation
  • Scientific TIFF file or proprietary file format
  • Full GLP compliance


Performance At A Budget

  • Scientific camera made in Germany
  • Motorized zoom lens
  • USB-3 interface
  • Camera passive cooling to maximize the signal to noise ratio
  • Auto-exposure and auto-focus
  • Automatic light illumination control

No Compromise On Quality

  • High standard in a compact design
  • Epi white light LED panel
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and steel darkroom for the best robustness
  • Proven camera robustness
  • Design to last

Intuitive Software

The Bio-Print software has rich features and guides you into the advanced functions in a very ergonomically designed user interface. The simple and self-understandable menu is ideal in a multi-user environment.

Designed by molecular biologists the software is very easy to use: juts one click is necessary to get the optimum gel image.